What are Fractional Shares?

A fractional share is less than a full share of an equity or ETF. Fractional shares allow investors to invest small amounts in expensive securities, which otherwise may be out of their reach. This feature enables investors to select from a broader set of investment opportunities and diversify their portfolio even with limited capital.

Do Your Favourite Brands Make It To Your Investment Portfolio?

As a consumer, you often get early insights and unbiased views on the brands you use. You know what the company is doing right and how the experience delights or displeases you.

Does Your Investment Portfolio Reflect India’s FDI Policy?

Over the last decade, the presence of technology companies in our lives has grown exponentially. Over 500 million Indians use a smartphone. Global technology brands have filled our lives. But how? A liberalizing FDI policy is a reason for it.

Investing In The Time of Covid

COVID-19 has been a watershed event in all our lives. It has changed the world irreversibly. Culturally, we’ve rarely understood personal space and now everyone must stay socially distant. Our homes were never kitted out to be the places we work, but now everyone is adjusting to a new professional lifestyle.

Why is Portfolio Diversification Important?

Diversification is an investment strategy that recommends owning several investments that tend to perform well at different times to reduce the effects of market fluctuations. In simple terms, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. But then how do you choose different baskets?

Value Investing vs. Growth Investing

Value and growth investing are the two basic approaches to investing in the stock market. Although it is not necessary to choose one over the other, each method tends to have a loyal follower base. Let’s look at these two stock investment strategies in detail, dissecting their merits and demerits.