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Digital Onboarding

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Your cash and investment accounts are safe, secure and belong to you. i

Fractional Shares

Fractional Shares

Invest as little as $1 in any of the 3500+ stocks and ETFs with fractional investing.

Winvesta regulated by the FCA and the SEC


Winvesta and its partners are regulated by the FCA and the SEC. i

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Winvesta is founded and managed by a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in global financial markets.

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Under the liberalized remittance scheme (LRS), Indian residents can legally remit and invest up to USD 250,000 per person per year. Winvesta allows you to diversify your global investment portfolio beyond just US stocks by enabling you to utilize multi-currency deposit accounts. Think of it like your international 3-in-1 account, where you can invest in alternate assets like foreign real estate and startups by utilizing the Foreign Currency Account.

Winvesta Thematic Investments

Invest in the US Share Market

Invest in the 3500+ US stocks and ETFs from India.

  • Invest as little as $1 in any stock through fractional shares
  • Explore stocks by popularity, or by sector and discover new opportunities
  • Get live market quotes and trade in real-time
  • Invest in pre-built portfolios and themes

Foreign Currency Account

Build a global investment portfolio with an international multi-currency account.

  • Build assets in currencies that match future liabilities
  • Invest in international real estate and startups
  • Collect, hold, and reinvest foreign income
  • Save and pay for foreign education
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Investable overseas under LRS. Per person, Per year

Commission on US stock Investments


Outperformance of S&P 500 vs BSE Sensex in INR terms from 2010 - 2019 i

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How long does it take to open an account?

Opening an account takes only a few minutes through the Winvesta app. With our instant KYC, you will ready to…

Isn't investing overseas only for the very rich?

Not anymore! Historically, the channels to invest overseas have been expensive and difficult to access for retail investors. With Winvesta,…

Can I really invest overseas? Is it legal?

Yes! Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), Indian citizens can remit and invest up to USD 250,000 per financial year.…

Who owns the shares? Where are they held?

You own the shares and all your investments/accounts. The accounts are opened in your name with your credentials and belong…