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Complaints Procedure

For issues encountered during regular usage of Winvesta’s Technology Platform

For issues encountered by Winvesta users during its regular usage:

  1. Please reach out to us at support@winvesta.in or chat with us via the chatbot in our portal and website
  2. Our support channel has been created to address issues experienced while using the Winvesta platform, including but not exclusive to account handling, timeline of funds, clarifications on features, and other account-related issues.

For grievances about funds in our Global Collections Account

Winvesta is a technology platform that works with other third party banking and payment providers.

Winvesta doesn’t hold the money itself; thus, any decisions on funds and account opening are dependent on the decisions of our partners.

In the event of grievances regarding our Global Collections Account.

  1. Please write to us at grievance@winvesta.in
  2. This email may only be used for grievances that arise outside of regular and reasonable use of the Winvesta product.
  3. You shall set out the nature and full particulars of such grievance and any relevant supporting documents (“Grievance Notice”).
  4. These grievances are not to be confused with issues raised via our support channel (support@winvesta.in)
  5. Our efforts are limited to finding a resolution given the appropriate circumstances while operating within the risk parameters, regulations, and agreements with you.
  6. Grievances relating to our payment service will typically be responded to within fifteen (15) business days of receipt. In exceptional circumstances, where we are unable to issue a final response within fifteen (15) business days of receipt, we can take up to thirty-five (35) business days from the date of receipt to issue a final response.
  7. Any grievance you raise depends on the resolution by our third-party providers. Any representations made by anyone at Winvesta will be superseded by the policies of our third-party providers.