EEFC Account: Everything You Need to Know

Living in India and earning in another currency? You have probably realized the value of keeping your earnings in foreign currency to pay for your overseas expenses. Instead of paying for FX conversion twice, one can open an EEFC (Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency) account with an Indian bank.

SPACs – All You Need to Know if You are Investing from India

If you invest in US markets, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard of SPACs yet. SPACS have taken the world by storm, and they only seem to be growing. While many may assume that SPACs are a recent trend, the truth is they have existed for decades

Brazil’s Turning Economy – Is it an Investment Opportunity?

Brazil has been through a lot of upheaval in the last decade, but over the last 3 quarters, its trajectory has been moving in the right direction. A lot will ride on the outcome of the elections next year.

What Are The Macroeconomic Factors Affecting the US Stock Market?

You may have heard and read of macro-economic factors and data making the headlines and affecting the stock market. We will try to understand what these factors are and go through a few of them in this article.

What is the W-8BEN form for foreigners investing in US stocks?

If you generate income in the USA and are not a US person for tax purposes, you need to use the W-8BEN form to establish your foreign status. The W-8 BEN form allows tax exemptions and categorizes you to be taxed appropriately as a foreigner.

Explained: Benjamin Graham’s Seven Criteria for Selecting Value Stocks

The Godfather himself, Benjamin Graham has laid out the principles for investing in stocks and you should be paying attention. The late Benjamin Graham is considered one of the best value investors to ever exist. Ask Warren buffet if you don’t trust us.