How‌ ‌Winvesta‌ ‌Protects‌ ‌its‌ ‌Clients‌

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How‌ ‌Winvesta‌ ‌Protects‌ ‌its‌ ‌Clients‌

You, as an investor, are getting increasingly aware of the need to diversify your portfolio. In a bid to do so, you look to invest overseas – particularly in markets like the US.

So how do you go about this? What is the right kind of platform that you should choose before you begin your overseas investment journey? We answer that for you in this piece.

The most effective model for investors looking to invest overseas will be through an appropriately regulated brokerage abroad that has set up an affiliate in India.


This will enable the brokerage to service clients in India while adhering to global regulatory requirements. Setting up an affiliate in India will also protect the interest of local investors in terms of complaint redressals. This is also in line with the Indian regulators’ intent to bring the Indian securities market in line with global standards. 

At Winvesta, we’ve consulted with some of the leading authorities in India, the UK, and the US. We have established a very high bar for our service. We adhere to and respect Indian laws and regulations and provide Indian residents appropriate client protections, through our well-recognized international licenses.

As an investor, you need to keep these five factors in mind before making a decision

Is There Client Protection?

Indian investors can access the US markets through an FCA-regulated firm having tie-ups with brokers in the US. Since the firm deals in securities abroad, it does not need a brokerage license in India. 

However, FCA-regulated firms treat Indian investors as retail clients in accordance with FCA rules, thereby providing them the highest level of regulatory protection.

If the firm does not provide any investment advice, it does not have to register under India’s IA regulations, but closely works with others who provide investment advice legally.

Does The Firm Have An Investor Complaint Redressal Mechanism?

At Winvesta, we are legally obligated to ensure a speedy and effective resolution of client complaints under UK Regulations. We have adopted a clear Complaint Procedure to acknowledge and address each complaint within 3 days of receipt. 

We aim to resolve the matter right away. But if you are unhappy with our final response, you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service in the UK. You will find this to be in unique contrast to the other technology-only platforms where they are not legally obligated to address investor complaints if you read our post on the risk of using technology-only platforms to invest overseas.


The biggest fundamental principle highlighted under the FCA regulations is transparency. 

Adhering to these principles is among the fundamental obligations of such regulated firms. The principle of transparency ensures that FCA-regulated firms provide appropriate information in relation to their regulatory decisions. It is also meant to ensure that the firms are open and accessible to the regulated community and to the general public as well.

Place of Business

Winvesta adheres to the FEMA guidelines by having a place of business in India. Remember we discussed the importance of choosing an online investment platform that has a place of business in India in What Investor Protections should you look at?

Does It Provide Investment Advice?

Winvesta doesn’t provide Investment Advice to customers. We work with other Investment Advisers, who can provide their clients with Investment Advice.

Should we provide Investment Advice, we will maintain client segregation and obtain the SEBI IA license to provide it. You would notice the difference in intent if you read our post Are Overseas Investment Advisers legal? where we red flag some of the methods and models used by other service providers in this field which can easily mislead a customer.

As a regulated entity, Winvesta can not only onboard Indian residents but also best protect their interests by providing a clear regulatory cover and complaint redressal mechanisms. This, while also adhering to the FCA principles of transparency and accountability.

All content provided by Winvesta India Technologies Ltd. is for informational and educational purposes only and is not meant to represent trade or investment recommendations. Remember capital is at risk. Terms & Conditions apply.