About Winvesta

Winvesta is built by a global team of finance professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in financial services. At Winvesta, we believe that diversification, consistency, and low transaction costs are the keys to build an efficient portfolio. Diversification for Indian investors has long been limited to domestic instruments. Investing overseas has been difficult and expensive. Winvesta is changing that by bringing global investing to the fingertips of every Indian investor.

With deep expertise and a breadth of global experience in financial services, we are mindful of providing the Indian customer with the correct regulatory framework for our services. We went way beyond the minimum requirements and have set a high bar for ourselves to operate under. We are also delighted to have an exceptional board of advisors who have mentored and guided us from ideation to launch and continue to do so as we grow and evolve.

Our team is here to help you when you need it. Consider us your partner in navigating this rewarding world of global investing.

Let’s go own the world!


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