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If you invest in US stocks from India, chances are that you already have DriveWealth as your back-end broker-dealer. Winvesta uses DriveWealth as the broker as well, and moving your account takes only a few minutes.

With Winvesta, you not only get access 4500+ US Stocks, but also an option to save and invest globally using a multi-currency account.

Simply fill the form below to move your portfolio (cash + securities) to Winvesta. If you would like to transfer only a part of your porfolio, or if your broker is not DriveWealth, please contact and we would be glad to assist you.

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Why Winvesta

4500+ US Stocks No joining fee, or annual fees Invest globally with Multi-Currency Accounts


Winvesta is regulated i by the FCA in the UK, which means our clients get the security of:

  • Strong regulatory compliance
  • Personal data privacy under the GDPR compliance

Expert Team

Each member of our leadership team has over 12 years of experience in global financial services. We know what it takes to keep your foreign investments compliant and secure.

We have been guided by some of the best minds in the legal and investments space, who are also on our advisory board.

More Investment Options. Lower Costs.

We offer 4500+ US stocks and ETFs on our platform. No joining fees, no annual fees. Zero commissions on 3 trades per month (10 in the first month), and $1 per trade after that. Simple, affordable, wholesome.

International Multi-Currency Accounts

Invest and save globally with an international multi-currency account with IBANs in 30+ currencies including GBP, EUR and USD. The international account enables alternate investments like real-estate, startups, and saving for foreign education.

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