Multi-Currency Account For Your Global Business

Grow your business in the UK and internationally. Manage all your global finances in one place.

FCA Regulated | Private and Secure

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Money Without Borders

Collect International Payments

Convert And Hold Multiple Currencies

Create as many currency accounts as you need. Save up to 50% on FX costs.

Collect International Payments

Your Accounts in US, UK, and EU

Get an IBAN, routing number, and sort code to receive money in USD, GBP, and EUR like a local

Collect International Payments

Pay Across the World

Send money for goods or services, and settle invoices seamlessly from one place.

All your International Finances. In One Place.

Winvesta Thematic Investments

Pay Invoices, Faster and Cheaper

Make domestic and international payments in 37 currencies to over 180 countries. Convert and pay locally in 17 currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR.

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  • Save up to 50% on FX conversion costs. Transparent FX rates.
  • Same day or T+1 settlements for most countries

Receive money like a local

Receive money in any of the 30+ currencies with their individual account details – without the high recipient or conversion fees. Withdraw to the external accounts when you need.

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  • Local accounts in US, UK and Europe for receiving money in USD, GBP, and EUR
  • Receive money in 30+ other currencies to UK domiciled currency accounts
Winvesta Multi-Currency Account
Winvesta Thematic Investments

Convert and hold 30+ currencies

Manage your cashflow in multiple currencies. Create as many currency accounts as you need at no extra cost. Save up to 50% on FX costs.

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  • No fixed fee to move money between currencies in your account
  • No hidden charges. Transparent FX rates.

The Protection Your Money Deserves

Your business deserves a secure, compliant,
and trusted place for its cash management

  • Regulated

    Winvesta is regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Safeguarded Cash

    We safeguard your money with large global banks like Barclays. By law, we can never lend it, invest it, or use it for our business.
  • Bank-level Security

    We use end to end encryption and strong data protection compliance to keep your account and data safe
  • Winvesta Thematic Investments

    About Winvesta

    Winvesta is founded and managed by a team of professionals with a who have spent over a decade each in global financial markets. We know what it takes to build a secure & compliant platform that you can trust.

    We are also delighted to have some of the best minds in law and finance on our board of advisors.

    Winvesta and its partners are registered and regulated with the FCA in UK, and FINRA and SEC in the US.

    Low, Transparent Pricing

    Simple pricing. Affordable for businesses of all sizes.

    One-time Setup fee £50*
    Receiving Fee per transaction* £0
    Payment Fee % of transaction value 0.20% (£2 min)
    FX Spreads 0.75% (For G7 currencies)
    Rebate on conversions above £15000 / month 0.2%
    SWIFT Fee per transaction £20.00


    What documents are required to open a business account?​

    You will need your company registration documents, articles of association, proof of address and a few simple documents to open…

    How is Winvesta regulated?

    Winvesta is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. We follow strict rules set by regulators in every country…

    What does safeguarding mean?

    Safeguarding means that legally, Winvesta, and the E-Money Institution (EMI) we work with, must keep your money segregated from the…

    What happens to my cash if Winvesta were to shut down?

    Your money is kept separate from the accounts we use to run Winvesta. It wouldn’t be affected if we were…

    Is Winvesta Secure?

    Winvesta uses industry best-practices on IT security and compliance with 256-bit encryption and SSL to ensure the security of the…

    Is there any minimum account balance that I need to maintain?

    Yes, but it’s minimal. Since your monthly account fee is deducted from your multi-currency account, you need to maintain a…


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    Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, UK

    27 Old Gloucester Road,
    London WC1N 3AX, UK

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