Fees and Charges

Below are some of the fees that our brokerage partner charges. These will be passed to the client when a corresponding service is requested.

A typical user, intending to perform all investment activities digitally may not expect to use any of these services in the normal course of investing.

Withdrawal Charges

These are charges when a user wants to withdraw funds from the account. The beneficiary account must be held in the user’s name.

Withdrawal charges $10.00


Securities Transfer Charges to another broker

These are the fees associated with transferring your securities account or the securities to another broker or custodian.

Transfer securities to another broker $100.00 per Account*
Transfer securities to Winvesta Free (Your existing broker may still charge you)


*Fractional shares cannot be transferred and must be liquidated before submitting a transfer request. On receipt of a transfer request, your account will be put on hold to avoid any trading in the account and will be reinstated post transfer if instructed.

Miscellaneous Charges

Other charges that may occur if a wire-transfer fails, or if you need specific tax documents.

W8-BEN Form (Certificate of Foreign Status for U.S. Tax Withholding) $5.00 (Charged once during onboarding – waived for a limited time)
Returned Wire Transfers $25.00 – $85.00 (charged by third party bank).

Please make sure you send money only from a bank account held in the same name as that on your Winvesta account to avoid the returned wire transfer fees.

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