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Thematic Investments

Thematic Investments

Access themes and sectors that you feel strongly about with our thematic investments. Invest in themes like Big Tech, Clean Energy and Biotech with one click and build your dream portfolio

Access Alternate Investments

Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme, an individual can invest up to USD 250,000 per year overseas. Winvesta helps you utilize the quota by providing a multi-currency account that enables

  • Alternate investments like real estate, private investments etc.
  • Planning your future in the currency that you will need (for e.g. save in Pounds if you plan to send your child to the UK for higher education)
  • Easier access to investment based visa programs
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Integrated News and Analyst Ratings

Get the latest news and alerts on companies and sectors in your watchlist right within the app. Check analyst ratings for the most popular stocks to get an expert view and find your next investment opportunity.

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Advanced Trade Types

Trade from a vast selection of US stocks at lightning-fast speeds. Invest as little as 0.0001 in any company through fractional share trading.

Place orders while the market is closed for execution at open. Advanced trade types like Limit Orders, Stop Orders*, and Good-Till-Canceled* orders are included.

*Coming soon.

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