10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Global Stock Markets

Investment mistakes can cost you money, and that’s why you must try to avoid them. Successful investing is not just about selecting the right stocks. One must also avoid simple mistakes that might undo all the previous hard work.

Thematic Investing – What is it and Why Should Investors Care About It?

Thematic investing is an investing method where you identify significant opportunities or invest in popular trends without extensive research on individual stocks. Thematic investing has many benefits including giving concentrated exposure to some of the future trends in the market.

The Airbnb IPO – A Primer

American vacation rental provider Airbnb aims to go public this week with a price range of $56 to $60 per share. The company seeks a valuation of over $40B on a fully diluted basis as per the latest filings submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The plan is to initially raise as much as $3B in IPO.

The Advantages of International Multi-Currency Account

A multi-currency bank account is a type of bank account, which allows you to receive, pay, and hold multiple currencies. With a multi-currency account, you may deposit and withdraw cash in different currencies. It enables you to do transactions involving various currencies through a single platform.

Benefits and Risks of Global Investing

International investing has become vital for our portfolios as we take part in the global growth story. Adding international stocks to a portfolio offers diversification and may provide higher returns. However, there are both benefits and risks associated with global investing. We will cover a few significant ones in this article.

The 4 Biggest Myths of International Investing

For most of us, global investing is still an enigma because of the lack of awareness or myths. In this article, we try to debunk a few common global investing misconceptions.